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The musical, “Phantom of the Opera,” (“Le Fantôme de l'Opéra” in French) is based on the famous novel bearing the same name, written by Gaston Leroux. The work, written during the 19th century, was partly inspired by historical events at the Paris Opera, and has been adapted into various stage and film adaptations, with remarkable success. Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical is the most successful musical adaption of the work, having won several awards and accolades. It ranks as the longest-running show in Broadway history, the second longest-running West End musical, and the third longest-running West End show, and has grossed more than $5.6 billion worldwide. The Phantom is now a permanent attraction in the top theaters of the world, and continues to draw in crowds. The “Phantom of the Opera” is about a mysterious, disfigured musical genius living in the labyrinth of catacombs beneath the Palais Garnier, who becomes obsessed with Christine Daaé, a young, beautiful, and talented, but obscure singer. The lonely Phantom, an “angel of music,” tutors Christine, and composes operas for her. Christine rises in fame and popularity. However, she soon falls for the handsome noble Viscount Raoul De Chagny, a suitor from her past, oblivious to the Phantom’s love for her. The Phantom grows mad with rage and starts to haunt the opera with his histrionics, terrorizing the opera visitors and owners. The Phantom's energetic but unrequited love, and his moment of anguish when Christine recoils in disgust as his mask comes off, exposing his deep scar and disfigurement, strike a note of deep pathos. Just like the book and the movies, the musicals have received rave reviews wherever it has been enacted, for its brilliant plot that sustains the interest till the very end.

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